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ACA Educational Seminars

All ACA registered dogs are eligible to participate in ACA sanctioned events and dog shows, like conformation, obedience, agility, hunt test, field trials and french ring trials.


ACA Star Breeder Program

ACA Dog Breeder Elite Certification

ACA Dog Breeders can proudly show their dedication to their love of breeding man's best friend through the American Canine Association Star Breeder "Achievement of Excellence" Award Program.  Learn more about the ACA's Star Dog Breeder Program.


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ACA Dog Breeder Online Kennel Management Program has been created by Breeders for Breeders like you by the American Canine Association, Inc. Your Mykennel and Myweb accounts can be easily created.



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The American Canine Association, Inc. ( ACA) is the world's largest health tracking dog registry.  ACA is America's second largest dog registry and was established in 1984. 


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